Latex – Training Program Materials

The following are Latex – Training Program Materials of a One day Workshop on “LaTeX: A document preparation tool for writing Research Thesis”  on 04.03.2022 (Friday), organized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Government College of Engineering Srirangam, Trichy.

Required Softwares Download Links:

  1. Texlive 2021 (This is full latex distribution size:4.14 GB) for windows from the link (PFA for installation instructions):
  2. Texlive 2021 windows Installation instructions
  3. If unable to download & install texlive, then install a Miktex (basic TeX/LaTeX system). To install miktex on Windows, download and run the following installer:
  4. Texmaker (GUI Compiler) for windows from the link:

Materials download links (Click the corresponding line to download)

Dr. D. Aravinthan Presentation Slide 

Example files (tex & pdf)

Writing a Report (tex & pdf)

Thesis writing (tex & pdf)

Latex Style files 

More Latex Examples

The followings are the Latex – Training Program Materials of a E2 Academy’s Hands on Training in LaTeX Programme Materials Day wise with working example files.

Day 1:

Required Softwares Download Links:

Full Latex iso file is 4 GB and you can download it from:

or Miktex 2.9 Basic or Net Full installer Link:

Sumatra PDF viewer:

TexnicCenter (Advanced Editor):

Installation Videos :

Latex Installation Video for Windows (Tamil) :

Latex Installation Video for Linux/ Mac:

You can Access the Daily Session Recorded Videos upto 5 days from the Live Session Link under respective Days (Which is @ Latex Course website:!

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

For more working Templates with example latex (.tex) files and their corresponding pdfs:

EBooks to learn latex: