Welcome all to E2 (e-Education) Academy.

We have started E2 Academy to motivate and train the students of Tamilnadu to excel in Science. In the current scenario, qualifying National Eligible Test (NET) is necessary and important one for academic and career growth. Our Students are going to various states and pay the large sum for the coaching. Moreover, in the present crisis situation, going to regular classes / coaching is impossible. Hence, we have introduced a fully online courses from E2 (e-Education) Academy, all are to get a high quality training for an afforadable price from their respective places. First we have started with the series of courses on mathematics.

Fundamental Course Series on Mathematics:
Strong foundation and very good knowledge in Fundamental Courses like Real Analysis, Algebra, Linear Algebra, Complex Analysis, Topology & Numerical Methods is necessary to fully undersatand the beauty of Mathematics and to qualify in various competitive examinations such as NBHM, GATE, CSIR, NET/ SET & JEST, etc. Keep in mind that, we have
planned to organize a Fundamental Course Series on Mathematics in fully Online Platform.

About Course 1: Crash Course on Real Analysis: 
Both Therories & Problem solving Techniques on the following topics will be covered. Also, important previous year question papers problems will be discussed.

Topics Covered: Foundations, Sequence and Series, Continuity, Differentiation & Riemann Integration.

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