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I am thanking You all for believed us and joined the E2 Academy’s Courses. We hope that our courses gave you a very good learning experience and helpful to enrich your knowledge in that domain. For your faith on us, we are very happy to introduce a referral program and using that you can earn a exciting rewards. The details are as follows:

From the How to Crack GATE (Maths) Exam? Course on wards a referral program is activated. The Details are as follows:

For example, if anyone including you joined the How to Crack GATE (Maths) Exam? Course using your Referral ID*, you will get 10% of course fee as a Reward Points.( i.e. 30 points = Rs. 30/-). You can refer as many people as possible for a single course. The total reward points will be calculated and intimate you after each course registration is over. You can redeem the reward points in the next course. Suppose at the end of GATE course registration, your total reward points is 300, then you can get a discount of Rs. 300/- in the next course.


  1. *The Referral id is your registered email id.
  2. Referral ID must be entered in the payment page, to get a reward points.
  3. You will receive a reward points only for the successful payment and registration.
  4. Reward points are not transferable.

How to Crack GATE (Maths) Exam? Course

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